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LIDAR Hebei Construction Machinery Research Institute, is the only certain specialized in fast-decoration machinery research institutions. We foothold at home, facing the world, committed to new achievements in research, new product development, new technologies, the promotion and cooperation, for the majority of entrepreneurs to provide business platform. We have professional technical personnel and product testing research and development base, a number of technologies to declare national patent, construction and fitting decoration machine Patent Number: 96,244,098.1; Laser level meter Patent No. ZL 200520008917.7; Rapid Patent Number 2007203052785 fitting appliances and other products from the marketYears. Gained significant economic and social benefits, and now we are self-developed powder wall cars to be submitted to the patent application, we take practical for the purpose of the Dutch believe in a maxim (for God to make money).
Our products are divided into two categories five kinds of models suitable for urban buildings are used for ALD-007; ALD-158; ALD-159 type; ALD-519 type; four kinds, suitable for use in rural areas there is a ALD-191 type, ALD -007 selling mostly cheap and good, but use them less ALD-158 type, in a powder wall machine is not omnipotent, on to large trucks and minivans as their own strengths, modelsIs based on the characteristics of the modern built environment designed to allow flexibility. Convenient. Utilitarian. Houses in rural areas large and too high and therefore need to increase its overall structure, to strengthen, so that the weight of relatively increased, in the building where the use of the other four kinds of models than flexibility. Now explain to Members the performance of various models of ALD-007 for general type height can be adjusted between 2.8-3.1 m in width; 0.5 m, maximum thickness of 1.2 cm plaster, quality 51 kilograms, suitable for a small error in the vertical wall surface operations. Benefits; flexible and easy to move the size of the room can be powder, shortcomings; a plaster thicknessTop, a plaster thickness of not more than 2 cm. ALD-159-based powder wall machine In addition to the above two types of advantages, its prominent feature is the addition of a vibration motor, its a plaster thickness may be more than 2 centimeters, the latest ALD-519 model is what we have just developed, the possesses the advantages of the above models, it is characterized by prominent 5-meter-long wall only be adjusted once, you can make flour out of smooth vertical and horizontal wall saves time and increase operational capability, one of three points, Day / 430 square meters. The total weight of 68 kilograms of ALD-191 type suitable for rural users to height of 3.5 meters, the same performance, and ALD-007

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